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Oporto Food Tour

Quick Details

Adult 13+ years old
Child From 4-12 years old
Infant From 0-3 years old

Discover the Best Spots to Eat in Oporto

Eating well and in fairly large portions is a kind of national pastime, especially when you’re in city of Oporto. But with so many restaurants to choose from, it is best to ask a local expert for help so you don’t waste time searching and then regret your choice. That’s precisely where we come in!

On this tour, there will not be a tourist menu of Portuguese food for foreigners. We will take you where the people of the city usually eat and thus connect genuinely with Oporto. You will know exactly what you’re eating, and all the food has an unquestionable quality. We say ‘quality’ not in a pretentious ‘gourmet-like’ style but rather flavors that remind us of the dishes made by our grandmother kind of quality.

Discover the best spots to eat in Oporto in the company of a local expert!

This food tour was meticulously created to highlight three things: the good food, the richness of Portuguese gastronomical history and culture, and the friendliness of the local people. You will learn the whole social and cultural context of the city and the region, as well as the history and origin of the dishes you will taste. Explore Oporto city center as well to enjoy this experience at its fullest.

Bring comfortable shoes and an appetite. This is an unforgettable tour that will connect you with the city of Oporto in a unique way!