Experience the best of Portugal

Experience the best of Portugal

Welcome to Cooltour Oporto!

At Cooltour Oporto, we have a singular purpose: to unveil the real Portugal to our fellow travelers with genuine passion and dedication. Our specialty lies in private and small group tours, ensuring an intimate, personalized encounter with Portugal’s wonders.

As a passionate Tour Operator and Travel Agency rooted in the heart of Porto, our primary canvas is the enchanting region of Porto and Northern Portugal. However, our wanderlust knows no bounds, and we frequently expand our horizons to include captivating destinations like Lisbon, the sun-soaked Algarve, the exotic Madeira, the pristine Azores, and beyond.

Our Tours are designed to offer you a wealth of choices. You can opt for pre-designed activities that promise a balanced blend of cultural immersion and inspiring landscapes. Alternatively, if you seek a truly unique and tailored experience, our team is dedicated to creating bespoke journeys that align perfectly with your desires, whether you’re traveling solo, with family, or as part of a group. Your journey should be as unique as your dreams.

Cooltour Oporto is more than a tour company; we are your personal gateway to the heart and soul of Portugal. Our commitment is to transform your wanderlust into vivid, cherished memories. Join us, and together, we’ll explore the beauty, culture, and heritage of this remarkable country. Discover Portugal like never before with Cooltour Oporto!

Purpose, mission and vision


To provide unforgettable experiences that intimately connect travelers to Portugal's authentic beauty, rich history, diverse gastronomy and the warmth of its local people.


At Cooltour Oporto, our mission is to provide immersive tours that turn moments into life lasting memories. Our aim is to set a new standard of excellence in the travel industry by offering unique journeys through the North of Portugal and beyond. With meticulous itinerary designs and personalized service, we guide travelers through Portugal's captivating landscapes and rich culture.


We envision Cooltour Oporto as the leading small group and private tour portal for cultural travelers seeking to discover the hidden gems of Portugal. Through responsible tourism and authentic engagement, we aim to positively impact the communities we work with, leaving a lasting legacy that resonates far beyond the travel experience.


Building Relationships


I foster meaningful relationships, striving to make every guest a lifelong friend of Cooltour Oporto.

Attending to Every Need


I am responsive to both expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs of our guests.

Creating Unique Moments


I am empowered to design distinctive, unforgettable, and personalized experiences for our guests.

Driving Innovation, Sustainability, Elevating Experiences


I actively seek opportunities for innovation, responsible tourism, enhancing the quality of our tour experiences.

Cultivating Education, Entertainment, Inspiration


I am dedicated to enriching our guests' experiences with educational insights, delightful entertainment, and meaningful inspiration.

Ownership and Resolution


I take ownership and promptly resolve our guests' concerns and issues, ensuring their satisfaction. “Duck Feet”.

Team-oriented Atmosphere


I contribute to a collaborative work environment that thrives on teamwork and a positive community.

Always Be Learning


I embrace ongoing learning and development to fuel my personal and professional growth.

Professional Presentation


I take pride in my appearance, language, and conduct.

Ensuring Safety, Always


I am dedicated to creating an environment of safety and preventing accidents, making our tours secure and comfortable for everyone.

Cooltour Oporto, a Cultural Ambassador of Portugal’s Rich Heritage!