WOW – World of Wine

December 1, 2023

In the old warehouses of Croft and Taylor in Vila Nova de Gaia, an avant-garde, innovative, and museum-like space was created, giving birth to the World of Wine, more commonly known as WOW.

Located in the buildings of the old cellars originally used for storing and bottling Port wine, the panoramic views over the city of Porto and the Douro River are one of the strengths that distinguish this site, classified as a Project of Potential National Interest.

This space, enchanting everyone with its views, is defined and widely recognized by the spaces making up the World of Wine: its seven themed museums, a wine school, countless gastronomic experiences accessible through its twelve restaurants, a bar, a coffee shop, souvenir shops where you can enjoy the wine or buy any souvenir, and finally, an exhibition hall and an events venue.

As for museums, there is The Wine Experience, where you can learn all about the wine process, from the soil to the grapes, and all about its production process. If you’re fascinated by rosé wine, then the Pink Palace Experience Museum is exactly what you’re looking for. It also has a museum dedicated to corks, called Planet Cork, where you can learn all about the process from cork production to cork stoppers, and even its use in covering spaceships. You can also have access to many other educational and interactive spaces, such as Porto Region Across The Ages, The Chocolate Story, and The Bridge Collection. The latter is quite peculiar, displaying one of the largest private collections of glasses today.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the World of Wine's bar, where the selection of beverages complements the overall experience of this cultural and culinary destination

Angel’s Share Wine Bar

Regarding the wine school, the World of Wine offers workshops and tastings for the curious, connoisseurs, and professionals in the sector. Designed from the ground up to offer as much information as possible, the wine school is the perfect place to learn all about Portuguese wine, but also about wine in general, whether you’re just an admirer or a winemaker looking for more knowledge.

Whether you’re looking for a good wine or a fantastic meal, whatever gastronomic experience you fancy, the open-air square that characterizes this place is a must for your senses to be lost in a wonderful view over Porto while you enjoy a unique and special moment. Here you’ll find meals to suit all tastes, from meat lovers to seafood enthusiasts to famous vegetarian dishes.

Exploring the thematic wonders of The Wine Experience at WOW, where the journey from soil to grapes unfolds in a captivating museum setting

World of Wine’s central square

The World of Wine is part of the ongoing efforts to bring a new and improved tourist and cultural offer to the Cais de Gaia area, known for its beautiful riverside setting and views over Porto. It is designed to attract visitors interested in wine, culture, and history while providing an all-encompassing experience in the heart of one of Portugal’s most famous wine regions.

Dive into the intricate process of winemaking, from soil to grapes, at the mesmerizing Wine Experience museum

The Wine Experience Museum