Wine & Travel Week and Essência do Vinho

February 7, 2024

Since the 19th century, Oporto has become a dynamic hub, as well as an important wine exporter, due to its long history of producing wine from the countless valleys that make up the Douro River region. What we know today as the Alto Douro Wine Region is a landscape representing the vast Douro Demarcated Region, considered to be the oldest regulated wine-growing region in the world. It was from here that the wine was transported in barrels downriver, thanks to the Rabelo boats, to the city of Vila Nova de Gaia, where it was then stored in the countless warehouses that can still be seen today. From this point onwards, Portugal, and in particular the city of Oporto, played an important historical role in the wine trade, through the creation of important wine houses, cooperatives, and even associations, which contributed to its emergence as a world center for wine production and export.

For anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge even further and gain new experiences in this area, both Wine & Travel Week and Essência do Vinho are unmissable events. These two events, which complement each other, contribute significantly to the affirmation of Porto as a dynamic wine tourism center and offer all the conditions for promoting, boosting, socializing, and presenting new trends in this sector.

Let’s start with Essência do Vinho, which will take place from February 22nd to 25th. This internationally renowned festival brings together enophiles and wine lovers from all over the world year after year. This event offers a wide selection of Portuguese and international wines, providing a unique opportunity to taste and interact with the respective producers. In addition to all this interaction, there are also various gastronomic delicacies for all tastes, as well as live music and various seminars on enology. Wine & Travel Week, from February 18th to 25th, will help bring a greater focus to wine tourism by inviting visitors to explore the stunning Douro Valley and all its wine properties. These two events will take place in the stunning Palácio da Bolsa and will allow connections to be made between other wine producers, professionals in the sector, and visitors, contributing to a deeper understanding of the cultural and economic impact of wine in this region.

The presence of numerous wine tour venues throughout the city, whether in Oporto or Vila Nova de Gaia, as well as the annual celebration of Oporto Wine Day, further reinforce its reputation as a prime destination for the wine tourism sector and cement its status as a dynamic and important center for the world wine trade.

Glass of red wine being poured, showcasing Porto's rich wine culture

Indulge in Douro and Porto’s wine tradition with every pour