What to Do on a Rainy Day in Porto

February 15, 2024

The city of Porto, increasingly known and promoted worldwide, invites visitors to explore its cultural activities regardless of the season. Even on rainy days, there are numerous options to enjoy the city’s offerings, from gastronomic experiences to cultural activities and various transportation modes.

With the advantage of its compact size, Porto facilitates easy movement between different places, utilizing the extensive public transport options, including the Porto Metro and buses. On rainy days, experiencing the famous scenery is best done via the Metro’s yellow line, traveling between São Bento and Jardim do Morro. Crossing the Luis I bridge offers a breathtaking view of one of Porto’s most famous facades. While there, consider a visit to the renowned Vincci Ponte de Ferro hotel or take the Gaia cable car from Jardim do Morro Station to Cais de Gaia. Enjoy diverse culinary experiences in venues like the World of Wine (WoW), a cultural and gastronomic hub.

Person enjoying a rainy day in Porto, exploring cultural sites with an umbrella

Embrace the allure of Porto’s rainy days while immersing yourself in its rich culture

Another rain-friendly transportation option is the 500 bus, connecting Matosinhos to the emblematic São Bento train station. Upon reaching downtown Porto, countless interesting places await discovery. Explore the city’s Church heritage by visiting landmarks like the Cathedral of Porto (Sé Catedral), the Church of Santo Ildefonso, Church of Santa Clara, or the Church of Carmo.

Photography enthusiasts can capture memorable moments at places like the Ferreira Borges Market (Hard Club), the Portuguese Photography Center (Centro Português de Fotografia), housed in the former jail and Court of Appeal of Porto, and the Centro de Congressos da Alfândega do Porto. History enthusiasts can delve into the Portuguese Age of Discovery at the famous Casa do Infante. Other noteworthy museums include the Soares dos Reis Museum, Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Misericórdia do Porto Museum, Guerra Junqueiro House-Museum, and the National Press Museum.

Embark on an exceptional gastronomic journey by exploring the famous Bolhão market, the charming Manteigaria, and top-rated restaurants like DOP Porto (by Chef Rui Paula) or Pedro Lemos Restaurant. Additional options include Tapabento, Solar Moinho de Vento, Reitoria, Adega São Nicolau, and the restaurant inside Casa da Música, followed by an unforgettable concert.

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