Unlock the Essence of Porto with Cooltour Oporto’s APP

February 18, 2024

Everything you need to know in one Place!

Known as the Cidade Invicta (Unvanquished City), Porto has earned prestigious awards, including Best European Destination in 2014 and, in 2022, Best City Destination in the World and City of the Year at the Food and Travel Reader Awards. These accolades reflect the city’s unique allure, annually attracting millions of visitors. Porto boasts captivating monuments, historical sites, and a privileged location along the magnificent Douro River and the Atlantic Ocean. Explore Porto and the Northern Portugal regions, rich in history and stunning landscapes. Engage in countless outdoor activities, discover local shops, family businesses, and savor the nightlife and delectable gastronomy loved by both Portuguese and foreigners.

To ensure a fully immersive and enjoyable experience, Cooltour Oporto’s APP was created to address all your needs. This tool keeps you updated on city events and provides relevant information about local insights and Portuguese culture. Upon logging in at app.cooltouroporto.com, access its buttons to explore Cooltour Oporto, book experiences, check Porto’s cultural agenda, and delve into a Travel Guide brimming with rich content and up-to-date information.

Unlock Porto's wonders with Cooltour Oporto's APP! Your guide to culture, events, gastronomy, and more.

Discover the essence of Porto in one place! Cooltour Oporto APP

Whether you’re a local or a passing traveler, we seek to provide selective experiences—memories that enrich and add flavor to our lives. The Travel Guide button grants access to buildings of national relevance, museums, gardens, traditional and modern restaurants, cafes, bars, and local shops, divided into four categories: visit, eat, drink, and shop. The Experiences button allows you to book small group activities, from the famous Douro Wine Tour to the cultural heritage-focused Braga & Guimarães Tour, Food Tours, Boat Tours, Surf Classes, and SUP lessons. Private experiences and tailor-made tours can also be requested.

Available in multiple languages, the app lets you filter and save favorite places and connect with Cooltour Oporto via WhatsApp. Its versatility extends to both Android and iOS, with the added bonus of its offline functionality, making it an ideal travel companion for those with roaming limitations. Find everything you’re looking for and more with Cooltour Oporto’s APP on your smartphone—unlocking the full potential of your visit to Porto.