Fantasporto 2024: Oporto’s International Film Festival

February 20, 2024

One of Europe’s oldest and most esteemed film festivals thrives in the heart of Oporto, recognized by Variety magazine as among the world’s top twenty-five film festivals. Fantasporto, Oporto’s International Fantastic Film Festival, specializes in showcasing a diverse array of international films, with a particular focus on the fantasy, horror, and science fiction genres. Since its inception in 1981 by Mário Dorminsky and Beatriz Pacheco Pereira, Fantasporto has earned acclaim for championing innovative and avant-garde cinema, drawing filmmakers, industry professionals, and enthusiasts worldwide.

The official Flyer of Fantasporto 2024, featuring the name of Fantasporto as the 44th festival, the Batalha Centro de Cinema and the dates (1st to 11th March 2024)

Experience Fantasporto: Oporto’s Premier International Film Festival

Taking place from March 1st to 10th at the Batalha Centro de Cinema, this festival presents 30 feature films in the fantastic cinema competition. The opening ceremony will feature Denys Arcand’s latest film, ‘Testament,’ while the closing session will showcase ‘Creation of gods I: Kingdom of storms,’ a celebrated Chinese production by the renowned Wuershan.

This year’s event promises a curated selection of outstanding films, spanning high-profile, independent, and large-scale productions, fostering a unique environment for exploring film culture. Through its creative sections, thematic retrospectives, and commitment to nurturing emerging talent, Fantasporto significantly enriches Oporto’s cultural landscape, establishing itself as a hub of innovation and a must-visit destination for film enthusiasts.

A noteworthy achievement is Fantasporto’s Guinness World Record as the oldest fantasy film festival globally, underscoring its enduring legacy in the cinematic world. Beyond film screenings, the festival incorporates a diverse range of cultural events, including seminars, workshops, and exhibitions, creating a dynamic platform for the exchange of ideas among filmmakers, industry professionals, and enthusiasts. As a result, Fantasporto has firmly solidified its image in the world of cinema, right here in the famous Batalha area of the city of Oporto.