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Booking Policy

All of a sudden we are facing a global threat. The COVID-19 pandemic is a world challenge like we have never seen before. All of us are deeply saddened by the impact of this virus and our thoughts go to all those who have been directly affected by it.

Following the recommendations of the Directorate-General of Health, we took the difficult but necessary measure to suspend and cancel all tours indefinitely, in order to contain the contagion and protect our employees and customers from all over the world.

We would like to say we will honour our commitments with everyone. We are facing times of uncertainty but we will not give up and look forward to welcome you to our beautiful country.

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Your safety and the safety of our guides is our top priority. Keeping our travelling friends informed during this period is of the utmost importance, and we are closely monitoring the situation on a national and global scale, adjusting our tours accordingly.

We also advise you to read the Visit Portugal Tourism Bureau and its dedicated page for Covid-19 FAQ’s if you’re looking for additional info for your travel to Portugal.


Due to Covid-19 and the subsequent worldwide lockdown, you may be having some doubts about your travel plans and we completely understand that. While this is a situation largely out of our control, we are determined to be as flexible as possible.

That is why we are applying a more flexible policy regarding our Cool Tours bookings. If you have a tour booked with us (from Porto, Lisbon or Algarve) until July 30th 2020we will offer a 1-year extension on your booking, without extra costs. Otherwise, we will be able to offer you a partial or full refund.

Also, any new bookings made from June 1st 2020 will automatically include a 1-year extension. This means that your voucher will be redeemable for the period of 1 year, like a gift card.

Whether you have to change your booking or are still eager to come, please do get in touch with any hesitations – we’re here to help! If you have any questions, please contact us. We’ll update you with any further developments.

In the meantime, follow The Cooltours on Instagram and Facebook to brighten up your day!

Cool Regards!

Stay Safe Now. Travel Later.

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