Incentive Travel

It's important to satisfy our clients, but for companies it's vital to offer a good environment to employees and nothing does a better job than an incentive trip.

In order to motivate and stimulate the participants, we propose several ideal places with tailor-made solutions and monitoring based in the characteristics of the group.


We intend to create new experiences and different sensations with some beautiful natural backgrounds. We have several organized programs all over Portugal, passing by and visiting places of cultural, historical, ethnographic and gastronomical importance.

You can choose a customized circuit or one of the events organized by Cooltour Oporto. We have at your disposal a team that will arrange everything for you, depending on your budget, we organize everything in a personalized way.

Your perspectives are brought to reality, as Cooltour Oporto will be responsible for developing packages that include transportation, monitoring, insurance, tours, leisure and Team Building activities, adapting them to your needs and objectives.